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FOXTROTT pens her deepest thoughts on soulful new project 'Meditations I-II-III'

Like a sacred diary tucked away in the depths of an abandoned attic, 'Meditations I-II-III', is a priceless relic stamping FOXTROTT’s (real name Marie-Hélène L. Delorme) mark on indie music. Wrapped in layers of burlap, the diary’s slightly creased leather spine shows the wear of FOXTROTT’s ache for new adventures and vexations with tired stereotypes.

Upon turning the first page, the first diary entry, “Intuition”, is an oath that FOXTROTT asks her readers to take. The oath asks them to consume her art with their hearts, not just with their eyes and ears. The song's tribal drum patterns and eerie chord progressions set the tone for a record that strays away from any attachments to one single genre.

In the pages to come, the Montreal singer-producer meshes futuristic soul with electronica and grimy hip-hop beats. The reflections are complex in nature while still maintaining a certain sense of relatability. “Wide Awake” exemplifies FOXTROTT’s arcane lyrical and musical style. Over deep bass and the haunting echoes of a choir, her husky vocals remind listeners that the essence of who she is won’t be hidden or silenced by anyone who is intimidated by her identity. The grimy boom-bap style of the electro-soul drenched “Deliver” is FOXTROTT's promise to be patient as she waits eagerly for the tangible presence of a companion to return.  

Lyrically, 'Meditations I-II-III' is an EP immersed in emotion, nostalgia, and affection. Sonically, its soulfully-captivating, eclectic production creates an aura that serves as the perfect welcome for those new to FOXTROTT's sound.

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