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Purple Disco Machine releases freeing video for "Dished (Male Stripper)"

Purple Disco Machine has released the music video to accompany his arguable house hit of the summer, "Dished (Male Stripper)."

After releasing his debut LP in 2017, the German artist released "Dished (Male Stripper)" earlier this year. Since, the track has infected dance floors and uplifted souls, and now the "deep funk" style has returned with a new visual that perfectly expresses the audio's message. The video follows the meticulous process of someone getting ready to go out on the town for the night. As we watch from their point of view, with each coat of nail polish and make up we learn more about who this person is and how they view themselves with confidence. After putting on some impressive knee-high boots, his point of view takes us to Ibiza's Glitterbox club, where the video very effectively portrays a club experience - the social aspect and the gradual haze that forms as the night goes on.

Purple Disco Machine is on tour, with more information here.


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