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Emily Magpie encourages self-love and good vibes on "Be Your Own Light" [Premiere]

This summer, my friend and I decided we were going to be our own boyfriends. No more waiting for someone to call or getting disappointed by people who don't deserve us. On her new single "Be Your Own Light," Emily Magpie encourages just the same strong-willed romantic independence. 

"Be Your Own Light" has a catchy riff and a pulsing heartbeat. Her signature sound is present: she uses electronics to give her folk influences a beautiful depth. Magpie's voice is clear and steady and the track has a dazzling swell to it. For Magpie, the song is "about centering yourself and coming back to the core of who you are". The production process, she explains, "felt particularly special as it features found sounds from walks in my hometown - so, it really felt like a coming home in many ways."

As the song comes to a close, she says "I know you're lonely, babe don't worry. Your light's one of many," and it reminds the listener there is no possible way they are alone. 

Connect with Emily Magpie: Twitter | Spotify | Facebook

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