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MEMBA catches us off-guard with a "Stand Off" featuring Ehiorobo

In a world rampant with noise, existing in a landscape filled with constant streams of sound, it's not often you stumble upon a song that makes you utterly and wholeheartedly breathless out of wonderment and awe. MEMBA however, has released stunningly beautiful "Stand Off" - a future-bass beauty featuring the vocals of Ehiorobo.

Cutting right to the chase, "Stand Off" starts with the chilling vocals of Ehiorobo, introducing a vulnerable intimacy that is both soothing and energetic, relishing us with an indescribable feeling of contentment and self-realization. MEMBA masterfully creates a calm buildup that accelerates us into a track filled with evocative lyricism - a mystical escapade layered with classic future-bass beats and the subtle rumbling of synths. It's a simple yet fervent track, the epitome of juxtaposing soft and lively, darker undertones with emphasized bounce - an intricately woven parable of love. 

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Electronic · Future Bass


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