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Ekke flexes his sharp penmanship on latest single, "Free Fallin' Straight Flexin'"

Writing for a blog is a funny gig. The more you write, the more people find your name all over the interwebz and find creative ways to pitch their music. Many will show up in a DM, snag an email and then blast you with some creative and elaborate pitch, touting “impressive” Spotify numbers, only to disappear after one rejection. The best people, usually relentless publicists who are equally passionate about music and care for their clients, will pitch the same artist over and over and over until it sticks.

The above intro is very pertinent to Ekke. This guy has quite a few emails in the ol’ inbox thanks to his publicist, and all of them (except one) end in “thanks, but I’ll pass.” Persistence is king when it comes to pitching, but it's hard to get past a pitch without a good song. And with that, here's Ekke's latest, “Free Fallin' Straight Flexin',” which is much more than just any old good song.

“Free Fallin' Straight Flexin',” starts off with an otherworldly gospel atmosphere. The lush and layered vocals fill your headphones as Ekke, and a few co-producers from the Sound of Kalima collective bring in the percussions. From there, Ekke rips the mic in half with a furiously spit verse about a past and failed relationship.

Ekke’s bio on SoundCloud says “sick with the pen,” and after one run through “Free Fallin' Straight Flexin',” it’s easy to agree. The kid has bars for days. What’s more, his flow can keep up with his elaborate internal and external rhyme scheme, which is no easy feat.

“Free Fallin' Straight Flexin'” comes off of Ekke’s forthcoming album, and it’s not the only track to showcase his impressive penmanship. If you’re digging what you hear above, be sure to keep an eye and ear out for his project when it drops in the coming months.

Connect with Ekke: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter



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