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lemin. embarks on an inspiring solo journey with ‘hold A: act 2’

Grab the controller, hold your breath, and get ready to accelerate headfirst into lemin.’s mesmerizing new jaunt, hold A: act 2. The multifaceted singer-songwriter’s project is an enigmatic escapade that will challenge your thinking, send chills down your spine, and, ultimately, inspire you. The sheer purity of lemin.’s crystallized vocals complemented by the minimalistic essence of her DIY production make hold A: act 2 thought-provoking, relatable, and heart-wrenching in all the right ways.

The journey is set into motion with the celestial “My Body”. lemin. dwells on the tantalizing memories cast by the shadow of a past lover, but instead of grieving, she willfully chooses to remove the chains of the past. The bittersweet pangs of moving on can be felt in next song, an emotional ode to freedom entitled, “Final Goodbye”. In case you thought the emotion in lemin.’s voice was hinting at a slight sense of regret, lemin. swiftly confutes that assumption with the chilling, “New Friend”. Complete with haunting piano chords and weeping strings, “New Friend” is a confident declaration that asserts that lemin. is not a damsel in distress who needs saving.

lemin. is at the peak of her odyssey to freedom and exemplifies this on the starry “View of it All”. Riddled with bountiful bass synths,“View of it All” signifies lemin.’s ascension to new heights and perspectives. Like a dove once trapped in a cage and now soaring in blue skies, lemin. is no longer held back by whoever or whatever was previously impeding her freedom.

That same perspective carries over to “54 Seconds of Paradise”. lemin. relishes in sweet victory, not from defeating a foe, but through finding true triumph in discovering her own inner strength. The soothing textures of her vocals wash over listeners like a cleansing baptism as she sings prophetically over meek piano chords and the muffled sound of sirens in the distance. It’s not every day that you come across an artist whose raw and unfiltered vocals on a voice memo pack more potency than a pop song inundated with flashy instrumentation.

The sequel reaches its end in the refreshingly captivating, "Pink Champagne". It's here that we catch a glimpse of the sun rays that now surround lemin. Enveloped in the trill of organs, lemin. sings, “I think I’ve found that eternal sunshine from a spotless mind. Bring on the new shit of my own design.” Her electrifying multi-tracked vocals sprinkle the track as she fearlessly comes to terms with the new joys that come from self-actualization.

lemin.’s fierce but humble statement of artistic purpose on hold A: act 2 is alluringly mysterious, fresh and enlightening. Listen to the emotionally uninhibited hold A: act 2 above.

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