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Yoko Ono advocates for hope in future generations through "Children Power" [Video Premiere]

Avant-garde artist, revolutionist and notable world peace activist Yoko Ono has released the visuals for her latest single "Children Power". 

While many artists are taking the position of using their music to shed light on modern social injustices, Ono looks forward with hopeful eyes to the future in this latest experimental track.

The drawings featured in the video were created by Yoko Ono herself and were animated by Jonny Sanders. The track contains a playful guitar strumming that plays perfectly alongside the light-hearted youthful melody which contains a constantly forward building progression throughout the track. This is not a song structured to comply with modern radio pop music formulas but is, instead, designed to convey an artistic message of empowering optimism. Outside of the experimental electronic genre, we seldom get the chance to be presented Bjork style avant-garde works of music like this, which makes "Children Power" a masterful artistic message of hope. 

"Children Power" and it's accompanying video is coming straight from an OG world-leading social activist, artists, and musician. As someone who has inspired generations of people to speak out against racism, sexism, the toxic social values of physical appearances, same-sex marriage, fracking, and a laundry list of other social issues, Yoko Ono is a seasoned student to the changing tides of social change.

I find the message of "Children" and "Power" to encapsulate the inspiring Parkland student survivors who are symbols of a younger generation heroically standing up for change. There's an immense amount of optimistic relief found in knowing that these children will not stand for the injustice of social norms leftover from generations past.

It's hard not to think of Lennon and how Ono represents a person who's had to unfairly endure the vilification of a society that was uncomfortable with challenging the patriarchal narrative. Having dealt with such an overwhelming amount of negative representation in the media, she has never let it create pause in her support for rightful causes. In "Children Power," we find an inspired hopefulness for the future - "People are seeing eye to eye, we're all one" 

Of the track, Yoko shares, "Very soon, we will be relying on these children to create a world and I’m very happy about that because they seem much more intelligent than us." And rightfully so!

The path for social justice and human equality was paved through the sacrifice of generations of heroic revolutionists but this latest project from Yoko reminds us to keep faith in the children who will carry that torch and continue to fight for a better world than the one left for them. 

Yoko's upcoming album Warzone will feature 13 reimagined tracks from Ono’s catalog, ranging between 1970 and 2009."Children Power" is the second sociopolitical focused single taken from Warzone, which will be released on Chimera Music, the label run by Sean Ono Lennon and available in stores on October 19, 2018. Preorder now at http://yokoonowarzone.com


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