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Cozway makes a tribal banger in "Nightshade"

Canadian producer Cozway dropped a banger recently on experimental label Jadudala, this is not the first of their collaboration as they have teamed up on saucy tracks like "Windbreaker" and "Bamboo". "Nightshade" is no exception, it pushes boundaries of what the trap genre is; a heavy vibe of tribal as well as various percussion layers thrown in the mixture.

I initially discovered Cozway through his remix of Quix's "Riot Call". I remember when it was played in a mix on Soundcloud I had not heard anything like it yet which made me ever so curious to hear more. Cozway is one of those artists that have successfully carved out their own distinct and niche style. Each track hitting you with this wave of abyssal bass; I describe it as bamboo bass. Nightshade continues to impress as it brings listeners into a space of unknown pleasure, we don't know what it is but we want more of it. It's an extremely well produced and technical track that helps drive the needle forward in electronic music.

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