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Mylo MU flashes versatility on "Louder / Embed"

New York-based emcee Mylo MU is quite the creative juggernaut: the dude can spit, produce, paint and pretty much do anything that requires exemplary artistic sensibilities. He’s got skills behind the camera, too, but today he’s in front of the lens premiering his latest flick for “Louder / Embed," a wavy mishmash of two tracks from his recent project, S P A C E S.

As Mylo put it, this is a joint that “quiet kids get loud to."
Mylo, originally from LA, has spent some time in Oakland and Berkeley as well — where the Emmanuel Udoh-directed video was shot — so there’s a sprinkle of Bay Area flavor in his overall aesthetic. On “Louder / Embed” he showcases a somewhat melancholic, introspective flow that perfectly compliments producer barlitxs’ shmangin’ trap instrumental.
Here’s what Mylo had to say about the ditty:
The inspiration behind the song was exploring multiple emotional and mental spaces. One is more reflective and the other represents a space of self-definition.
After peeping the visuals above, you’ll definitely want to check out Mylo’s and barlitxs' S P A C E S record in full. And after that? Slap some heaters from BLK MGK — Mylo's crew of gifted young artists that includes ab, the co-star of the “Louder / Embed” video who’s a force on the M-I-C in their own right.
Connect with Mylo MU: Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud
Connect with BLK MGK: Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud
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