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DemarcoTheMan goes for the jugular on his "Bike Ride" [Video]

Indie hip-hop act DemarcoTheMan shows promise on his new song/video titled "Bike Ride". 

Backed by a surreal backdrop, DemarcoTheMan paints vivid lyrical pictures with his explicit, off-kilter style and intense vocal delivery. “Bike Ride,” is a song that is included on his new upcoming album, 'BlandBoy'.  This album is told from the perspective of two characters, in which both are reflections of himself. One character being the dark side of himself and life problems, and the other character being the confident side of himself that he considers ego. He believes that ego can make or break a person, and that’s something that he attempts to bring into discussion during the duration of this song.

The video, directed by Jorge Ayala, starts off with a long-shot clip of the rapper as he finishes his brunch and heads out to an unknown location on his bike. Though the track could have used better mastering, as the vocals seemed a bit drowned out, DemarcoTheMan's new album "BlandBoy" will be available 8/12/2018 on Spotify and Apple Music.

Connect with DemarcoTheMan: Official Website | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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