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Stop and take a "Deep Breath" with Abbi Press [Video]

Sometimes you need a little reminder to let go. Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Abbi Press sets out to do just that with her new single and video for “Deep Breath.” It’s a whimsical synth pop adventure with an innocent spirit that’s easy to adore. Paired with a music video featuring Abbi Press exploring Brooklyn via roller skates, it’s hard not to fall in love with all the cuteness surrounding this downtempo dance.

Abbi Press describes “Deep Breath” as a song “about that continual journey of ups and downs that we all experience in life.” She says, “You’ll be okay; just take deep breaths.” It’s such a simple and relatable concept wrapped up in this light-hearted, yet emotive song. The shimmering beats and spacious production style might even have people thinking of The Postal Service. “Deep Breath” is out today via Cascine’s singles label CSCN. You can also catch Abbi Press live at Muchmore’s this Saturday in Brooklyn.

Connect with Abbi Press: SoundCloudBandcamp | Facebook | Twitter


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