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Sonic bliss and contemplation abound in Baird's debut "The Library of Babel" [Premiere]

There's not much known about 21 year old Baird at this time but his dedication to the art of sound is impressive, especially considering the fact that he's making his debut with a nearly eight minute collage.

Released on Majestic Casual, "The Library of Babel" is a piece Baird made in response to Jorge Luis Borges' short story of the same name. Borges' story imagines the universe as a library filled with every possible iteration on a single book, and Baird's piece parallels that theme by combining together several iterations of a song.

Every bit is in the same key and tempo but what makes "The Library of Babel" a visceral and yet introspectively engaging experience is Baird's seamless ability to make sonic transitions feel like a necessary part of understanding and enjoying the piece. The piece begins with ripples of pure instrumental bliss, and as it develops colors jump in and out, smatterings of unobstructed grace that shift the points of their gradients with ease. A set of lyrics peppers their way in between the first half of "The Library of Babel", deceivingly sweet yet speaking to the anxiety and superficiality induced by insensitive places and the people you encounter there.

The piece is a persuasive exploration of sound and it will be interesting seeing where Baird continues with his music. Perfectly summed up, Baird suggests that "The Library of Babel" is "best enjoyed with your eyes closed, or watching birds, or on a long car ride."

Connect with Baird: SoundCloud

You can stream "The Library of Babel" elsewhere here.

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