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Mwansa continues "Moving On" in melodic new track

Perth, Australia native singer and producer, Mwansa, is strictly about telling a story through beautiful melodic music. After a year-long hiatus, Mwansa returns with a poetic, melodic piece called "Moving On," which features vocals from up-and-coming singer, Kaitlin Keegan. "Moving On" is a teaser into the Australian producer's forthcoming EP, which is slated for a release in the coming months. 

"Moving On" takes on a Kygo-esque vibe with a filtered introduction and guitar. The piece moves into a tropical sounding piece with side-chained piano chords, loose percussive elements, and synths as wavy as the ocean troughs. Moments throughout life take time to fathom, and sometimes moving on just isn't as easy as they say. Give it time and everything will find its way. 

"'Moving On' is a song that has traveled from Canada, Mexico, South Korea, France, and Taiwan to finally get made. I don't know if it's about two people who couldn't make it work, or didn't want to enough. It features an incredible new singer from around the way, Kaitlin Keegan.” - Mwansa

Connect with Mwansa: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram 

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