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Duke & Jones share a dark, adventurous 'Eclipse' EP

Duke & Jones' journey into sonically pleasing music trudges on. They're previous track, "Final Goodbye" with Aviella Winder, was their first single off of the EP and was equally as eclectic and diverse. Now, the duo has shared the full dark and adventurous EP, Eclipse, on Circus Records.

Filled with four unique tracks, Eclipse is a peppered audio adventure through sound, time, and nostalgia. Duke & Jones begin the EP with "Break You Down," which is a future bass piece with trap and hip-hop elements and rhythms. "Numerals," which was produced in collaboration with Rohaan, is much heavier and guides you through trap music and deep sub basses. To finish out the EP, the duo pick up a few sticks and lunge them into your face. Eclipse is an EP that gets darker and darker as the moon crosses in front of the sun and you delve deeper into the tracks.

Connect with Duke & Jones: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter 

Electronic · Trap


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