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Grand Pax releases beautiful "Destroyer" on Blue Flowers

Blue Flowers is solidifying itself as the one of the UK's most exciting independent labels. And, latest signing multi-instrumentalist Grand Pax is definitely adding fuel to the fire.

Grand Pax's voice is so soothing. It's easy to get lost within her thoughtful, lilting tones in "Destroyer." However, if you think this piece is only textbook dreamy, delve deeper, beneath the surface. "Destroyer" truthfully feels like the calm before the storm; where two intentions collide. Unsettling rising, and building guitar drives the song forward. All the while, layered vocals ooze power in vulnerability. There's a poetry in the stark, and raw lyrics. "Destroyer" is an anthem for introspective souls; those that like to sit, think, and soak in songs. Recorded in her bedroom, and then produced by Josh Crocker (Kali Uchis, Mabel, Yellow Days). EARMILK simply can't wait for her self-titled debut EP arriving on Blue Flowers 13th July. Catch Grand Pax live at The Shacklewell Arms, 11 July 2018. Buy tickets here.


Connect with Grand Pax: Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud




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