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Daz Rinko kickstarts the summer with two singles "Vanilla Ice" and "Sweetie"

Daz Rinko's two newest tracks are both affirmations of his individuality and his skill level. The two tracks, "Vanilla Ice" and "Sweetie," perfectly complement each other while proving that Rinko has found his sound but won't sacrifice his versatility. "Vanilla Ice" is a bit more experimental; it contains deep vocals effects on the hook and a flow that sees the Memphis native stretch each series of bars to a point. The second tracks features smooth Aussie singer Rahel on the chorus, with verses from Rinko that toy with the idea of keeping a girl to be his "Sweetie." On "Sweetie," he alludes to his project Black Boy Joy, whose sequel is slated to be released later this summer. 

"It's a little something to hold the people over until Black Boy Joy 2 releases in September. Both tracks are certified bangers, and a great way to kick off the summer," the young emcee said about the two songs in a press release.

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