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Mammal Sounds Records launches with JVLY's "Blue Pill"

We first encountered JVLY with the release of his debut EP Ache at the beginning of 2018. The Australian producer stepped out with a brand of music with a moody electronic soundscape. It was the culmination of an introspective, highly-focused few months.

Last year I was listening to a lot of producers like XXYYXX, Shlohmo & Flying Lotus, and was spending what was probably an unhealthy amount of time in my bedroom writing music. I was reading a lot too. It was such a productive time, but I was kind of distant from everything else without even realising, it’s all I was doing, and you could probably hear that in the music I was writing. Everything was slow, trippy & moody, almost like it was meant for a film.

After spending some time out experiencing various live shows, JVLY has expanded his offering and where he feels his music the most. In making his latest, "Blue Pill," he had a new outlook: "I've realised the best shows always fluctuate with tempo & feel, and I wanted to make sure I was creating music that does that as well." The track lies somewhere in between, with the alluring pulse and moodiness of his debut but with added groove and soul, highlighted by vocals from SARAI.

And in addition to creating a new vision for his music, he's opened up a new partnership with his PR service, Mammal Sounds, who is launching a record label of the same name with the release of "Blue Pill." Aimed at supporting fellow talent out of Australia, Mammal Sounds Records will publish singles in a range of style.

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