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Juliet July 's "Don't Run" is sensuality on two different spectrums [Video]

Budding singer Juliet July hit the motherland to shoot her newest video "Don't Run."

The record is an alternative R&B showcase of the singer's off-the-cuff subject matter that explores the duality of seeking love and the fear of it. She is unapologetic, honest and vulnerable all at once. The atmospheric backdrop crafted by producer Virgil Lewis exudes a sultry vibe that enhances the top at hand, as she delivers a gripping emotion-drenched performance. 

The video which was partly shot in Cape Town, South Africa and was helmed by Ngoni Nyembe & Tuks Tad Lungu of Hadoken productions to help bring the sensual spirits of the song alive. It depicts Juliet and her leading man in a situation where he is being pushed away but deep inside she wants all of his attention. A portion of the lyrics truly explains the predicament "...Don't run whenever I tell you to...". The entire scene is tense and you can tell that Juliet is a seasoned performer.

From what we garnered about the artist thus far, during high school, Juliet was placed in a special theater class and she ultimately played in several musicals and plays. The Amsterdam-based singer did studied in the U.S for a short while before returning to her country to kick off her music career. Keep this rising musician on your radar!

Get the audio on Spotify , Soundcloud and iTunes.

Connect with  Juliet July: Soundcloud | Facebook | Website | Instagram

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