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Genra goes against the odds on his new gritty record "Sayonara"

It's all about the hustle for budding rapper Genra as he delivers a verbal blow by blow account of his life, music career and much more on his new single titled  "Sayonara"

"...I walk the fine line of obsession to keep my dreams alive..." spews the young emcee with such ferociousness over a somber cinematic backdrop that sounds like something out of a low budget horror flick. He vividly paints a gritty image for the listener and draws them in with his smooth passionate delivery. The record which is a tribute to the hard work, hustle, and the individual focus it takes to truly be successful strays from the usual bright approach you may expect but rather shows us the dark side of the hustle. There is nothing nice from where he comes from and he makes it known from the jump that anyone caught sleeping or slipping will be heading for rock bottom.

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Hip-Hop · Rap


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