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Rossirock lays down a smooth hip-hop flow in latest single "Drip Drop"

Private Club Records' artist Rossirock has sky-high potential. The San Diego rapper has a structured delivery and bit of rasp in his smooth voice. He just dropped a catchy song that sees him singing and rapping with a more melodic flow than he typically showcases. "Drip Drop" is the exceptional introductory single from his upcoming project, The Main Chambelan.

The instrumental production was laced together by fellow Suav City artist TC DOE! - who at times can be heard rapping on songs with Rossirock. According to Rossirock, the track was crafted the day before he was fired from his job. Rossirock shared that this track is "about how I didn't realize the good things that I had in front of me until I lost it all."

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