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Coleman Hell has still got a "Hold On Me" [Premiere]

Coleman Hell the Canadian musician from Thunder Bay, Ontario is back to take the indie-pop scene by storm with his newest single "Hold On Me" that EARMILK gets the privilege of premiering on this fine Wednesday in May.

In 2015 Coleman racked up 108 million streams on Spotify with his single "2 Heads" which, for all intents and purposes, definitely turned heads. Hell followed up that with the release of his debut album, Summerland, in October of 2016 via Columbia which climbed up the charts in Canada to the more than respectable number 13 position. 

In "Hold On Me" Coleman Hell belts out his heart with lyrics dripping in reverb transporting the listener in a space where you cannot help but hold on to his every word. "Hold On Me" opens with a bouncy, pulsating bass and a slow, driving, four on the floor bass drum accented by a crisp snare. 

Throughout "Hold On Me" Coleman Hell we succumb to his infectious lyrics and are consumed by the intoxicating feelings that only the grip of love can cause. This intoxication is contrasted with a gospel heavy chorus that invokes a sense that divine intervention is the only thing that can save Coleman from the hold on him love has.

In his own words, Coleman describes the meaning behind "Hold On Me" as "I was trying to set a mood with this song. Something you can drive around and listen to on a summer night. It’s really about missing someone you love but there’s this swagger to it where you just might win them back."

Connect with Coleman Hell: Soundcloud | Facebook | TwitterSpotify | Official

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