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FVLCRVM is the master of "Words" in track and music video

FVLCRVM has followed up with his viral hit "Hi!" with a thought-provoking track and music video called "Words." This new track dives in head first into a mellow electronica vibe with impressive vocals, and proves that the Slovakian musician, producer, and DJ is most definitely a maestro of words. 

"Words" is a beautiful collection of electronica, indie pop, and stylization. It blends the perfect mixture of mainstream and underground sound. Additionally, it's laced with FVLCRVM's very own warming vocals that pair flawlessly with pulsing chords and subtle percussion. The chorus introduces a soft arpeggio, while the latter half of the track moves into a more rhythmically chaotic piece. 

Let FVLCRVM work his way with words and absorb the beauty in sound. 

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