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Oscar #Worldpeace is black and proud in his new video for "No White God"

Across the world, racial tensions are at an all-time high. Whilst the majority of forward-minded people are accepting of everyone, regardless of colour or creed, it's been well publicised that not everyone is as open-minded. This has led to even more black artists using their craft to reaffirm that they are proud of their heritage, even when some of the biggest artists around try tarnishing this thought process (Mr West why?!?!).

One artist across the pond in the UK, has been pumping his own thoughts and feelings into his music, and the outcome is incredible. Oscar #Worldpeace is black and proud. The North London born rapper has been secretly honing his craft and releasing some of the most forward-thinking rap music in the United Kingdom at the moment. Since his last project, Recluse, Oscar has holed himself away, with his own thoughts and struggles, and come up with some of his best work, on his new IC3 EP.

The lead single from this project was "No White God", a powerful track that picks up on the racial fractures in society, with lyrics that include the tragic shooting of Mark Duggan, whom the media and police tried tarnish his name by making out he was a thug who didn't have a care in the world. The subject matter is there to ruffle feathers, to get the conversation started amongst people. The video is a slick, artsy depiction of his words and meanings, giving an intriguing visual accompaniment to his track.

You can peep the video for "No White God" above, and the entire IC3 EP is available to stream/buy on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and all other outlets.

Connect with Oscar: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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