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Aaron Aye celebrates the city that challenged him to be the hottest new MC "Since '96" [Video]

The young Minneapolis emcee Aaron Aye found that the road to success that was given to him was a steep uphill climb. Aye used the adversities in his life only to further strengthen himself. It's tough looking back at the strife and challenges that are beyond our control, whether it's the social and economic factors or even the family we are born into,  Aye bravely looks past these as opportunities that made him stronger at an earlier age. With the support of friends, he's "making it through the struggle" and not allowing himself to fall prey to a narrative written against him. Taking the power of writing his own storyline, he has a new album coming out titled, Orphanand recently came out with a new music video for his latest single "Since '96". Check it out below:

"Since ’96' is about striving to be the greatest you that you can be. It's an ode to Minneapolis the city that raised me. I wanted to start the journey with a celebration of my city where I experienced loss, pain, struggle and ultimately, triumph.” Aaron Aye

Though this video celebrates the city that helped mold the young musician, I personally feel like it's a celebration of what the artist has achieved in his early career thus far. Aye has found the confidence in owning his unique style and sound. As he dances through each cut, I can only hope to see him keep dancing his way into everyone's playlist. Hip-hop is not an easy playground to compete in, such is life, but armed with a smooth rhyme delivery, true lyrics from the heart and an infectiously catchy sound, this is a talented artist who isn't going to shy away from the challenge. You'd be doing yourself a huge favor not to sleep on this one! 

Photo credit: Alex Currie

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