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Ben Caldwell debuts on Man Power's We We We compilation for charity [Premiere]

The upcoming compilation on Man Power's Me Me Me label is the We We We Charity release featuring among other standout tracks, this melodic affair from newcomer Ben Caldwell. Although not much is known about him we've got Man Power to give a brief statement on both the release and Ben's contribution: "I'm hoping the worthiness of the cause speaks for itself. It's been amazing to be able to do something that allows me, and my friends, and the public, to help people while doing what we love doing (ie making or listening to music). The other great things about doing it this way is it's freed me up to do a real snapshot of how broad the label's remit is, as well as letting me present the debuts of some brand new artists alongside the big names and existing label family.

Ben's a great example of this. He used to work behind the bar in a venue I sometimes played and he passed me these fantastically individual sounding demos quite out of the blue, in much the same way as happened with Elliot Adamson. The mad thing is, the 2 of them actually used to be housemates too!
This is the first piece of music that's been released by Ben, but he'll be back on Me Me Me with a very special EP before the end of the year"

Grab the full release Friday, May 4th and look out for more from Ben Caldwell! 

Connect with Ben Caldwell: FacebookSoundcloud

Dance · Indie Dance · Nu-disco · Techno


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