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Deacon is all about the positives on "No Evil" [Video]

"No Evil" is the debut single by South London based rapper Deacon who is preparing for his foray into the industry. The record which is off his upcoming, yet-to-be-titled EP sets the tone for what to expect from the emcee. The track is built on a somber backdrop that gives off a spine-tingling urgency as Deacon delivers haunting lyrics about good, evil, and all the things that lie in-between them. Featuring clips of recordings by the ex-enslaved woman, Laura Smalley, discussing her experiences, the inspiration for "No Evil" was born out of observing the parallels between her stories and those that we continue to see and experience to this day.

While this is not an official video for the record, the lyric video reinforces the theme of the song and thrusts the unapologetic and poignant elements to the forefront. Deacon is also a member of Akala's Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company, and has supported the rapper on many tours. 

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