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Uber Kings drop grimy "Fock"

Intricate manipulation of audio is Uber Kings', strong suit. The Australian musician draws inspiration from genres and cultures like UK hardcore, his home country's rave scene, and American house and hip-hop. The Australian musician's exquisite talent in producing sonically adhesive productions is impeccable. His latest track, "Fock," is the perfect example of his myriad of talents. "Fock" is the first track off Uber Kings' forthcoming album, Keeping The Fat, which is due to be released soon.

"Fock" is a culmination of the 1991 rave culture and sound. It's aimed at the UK rave scene with unpredictable rhythms, synths, and basses that continually ravage the frequency spectrum. The track is short, but Uber Kings certainly gets his powerful bass message across.

Connect with Uber Kings: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Acid · Dance · Electronic · Trap · Tribal


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