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Michael Miller delivers a love-laden concept project 'As Long As You Remember Me (ALAYRM)' EP

DJ/Producer/Artist Michael Miller steps up to bat with the release of his conceptual EP titled 'As Long As You Remember Me (ALAYRM)'.

The producer goes for gusto over the 4 track long body of work crafting engulfing soundscapes, emotionally charged swellings and then some. The EP is divided into 4 parts with each song representing an emotional stage. The opener "Purple Dress" represents love at first sight or better yet that point where you're going head over heels for a certain (probably out-of-your league) female. It begins with the very first convo in a club and ends with the mixed feelings of excitement and insecurity. "Feel You On" is the phase of opening up, making love, but with a fair amount of doubt and struggles still. Choosin’ catches the feeling of being heartbroken and still wanting to fight for each other. ALAYRM is kinda looking back because this thing is unquestionably over. It’s about finally accepting that, having peace with it and moving on.

Short 'As Long As You Remember Me (ALAYRM)' EP is Michael Miller's first EP, after having made name for himself in other genres. You can find him at his Please Don’t Tell residency in the Jimmy Woo or turning up Club Air with the perfect blend of songs that guide you from just the right house tracks to that sexy future R&B, alongside a list of wanna-have beats you probably never heard before.  Get the EP on SoundCloud here

Connect with Michael Miller: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Ambient R&B · Rap


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