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Henry Canyons delivers a "Special Blend" with his new single

Henry Canyons does not have enough hands to hold all of his identities. The LA rapper, Francophile, obvious lover of jazz and poetry, heady introspection, likely lover of cigar lounge music, and proponent of having a good time is a real artist's artist.

After accepting an artists’ residency in Biarritz, France in the fall of 2016, Canyons released La Cote West, an EP inspired by the coastal south of France. With the residency completed and the EP released to the world, Canyons pulls no punches, releasing his full length LP, Cool Side of the Pillow.  

Produced by Henry’s longtime collaborator, Bones, "Special Blend," along with the rest of Cool Side, plays as the most jazzy and sinuous affair on the record. Between features from Homeboy Sandman and Zoe Rose Palladino, and a rich bass groove, "Special Blend" has an irresistibly unctuous and slick quality.

Canyon's flow mimics the patter of a steady rain, and while you might not catch all of his wordplay from the first listen, you can't deny his ability to structure a verse to play as aurally pleasing as possible. In tandem, Sandman saunters over the beat as only he could, compiling old and banal punchlines into a succinct, if not absurdist, verse. Palladino's vocals, equal parts sultry and earthy, paired with a horns section that thrives on the downbeat, gives "Special Blend" that extra dose of funk. 

Make sure to check out the rest of Cool Side of the Pillow here. You can also pick up a physical copy or t-shirt here.

Connect with Henry Canyons Twitter | Bandcamp 

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