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PRXZM play their cards right on "Queen of Hearts"

Electro-pop duo, PRXZM, consisting of Nick Ortega and Emma Maidenberg, have released their single "Queen of Hearts" on Lowly Palace from their forthcoming EP. The EP, titled Come Alive, is slated for a June 8 release. 

"Queen of Hearts" is a beautiful culmination of pop and electronic elements. The impeccable production of "Queen of Hearts" shines through elements like airy synths, a funky rhythm, and a pulsating bass line. Rather than recording MIDI, Nick tracked guitars and manipulated them instead. These beautifully crafted guitar manipulations pair flawlessly with Emma's blissful vocals. "This was a bit frustrating at first as it was a process we had never gone through before," he says.

To get to its status as the most 'live' track on the EP, they went through many iterations in its cretion. In the end, "the decision to track guitars rather than MIDI really brought this song to life."

This newly established electro-pop duo are continuing to grow, both musically and sonically. They're surely a duo that will evolve into an act that can truly impact the electro-pop music scene and genre. 

PRXZM are also going out on tour. You can purchase tickets here

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