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Steve Spiffler, Planet Asia & Tristate restock the "Trophy Case"

I'm a sucker for dusty loops and fire sixteens, especially when seasoned spitters Steve Spiffler, Planet Asia, and Tristate are the ones sparking the flame. "Trophy Case" is the latest single from Spiffler, who also produced the track's soulfully sweet instrumental that will get that head bobbin' from the jump. The Port City phenom effortlessly slays yet another beat and manages to hang bar-for-bar with some of the illest emcees on the M-I-C — no easy feat.

Rather than subjectively pontificate on how severe Spiffler, Planet Asia, and Tristate murder this track, it's best to share some of the craziest lines from this joint:

  • Steve Spiffler: "Flourite on the gold chain and let it cool my chest / Bitch I'm Chakra Khan, they see my aura beaming through my chest"
  • Tristate: "Poetry whirlwind, wizardry wind chime / Master the moonwalk like a monk on a thin line"
  • Planet Asia: "Balance of the scales, my speech deep / Dialect high-tech, communicate with dolphins and whales"

If you're funkin' with the poetic, Golden Age vibrations of "Trophy Case," be on the lookout for more aural dope from Spiff, who's planning on blessing many a track in 2018 with his throwback production and next-level spit. And if you missed his last drop with Trizz, peepeth game right here.

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