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Mare Andrews crosses over into the world of dance with "Our Night" [Premiere]

Here at EARMILK we're in the business of uplifting young artists and cultivating fresh talent. Which is why I am excited to present a singer-songwriter and producer by the name of Mare Andrews, making a bold crossover into the realm of dance music with her new single. 

Five years in the making as an acoustic track, "Our Night" receives a rinse of dance music magic. “Transitioning an acoustic piano track into this EDM track was challenging, but rewarding," said Mare Andrews, who is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree while cultivating her music career.

The first sonic tendency that hit my ear with "Our Night" was actually it's similarity to pop punk in lyricism and tone. A vocal build explodes with a satisfying four-on-the-floor breakdown, which I can easily hear translated into an epic guitar solo were this actually an emo track. Instead we're treated to pure electronic sunshine, transporting the listener back to their favorite dance floor moments. Bravo to a first timer for hitting the mark on an electronic track that is both evocative and familiar, striking the perfect balance of high energy and pure nostalgia. 

Connect with Mare AndrewsSoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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