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Hannah Epperson fuses genres in "We Will Host A Party"

Hannah Epperson, the Salt Lake City-born, Canadian raised multi-talent, is continuing her exploration of genre-fusing minimalist pop with her latest single "We Will Host A Party (Amelia)".  

Her first LP, Upsweep, Hannah Epperson launched the beginnings of a two-piece project. A story told by two distinct characters named "Amelia" and "Iris". While the versions of her songs under Iris' name are minimalist and lean toward the classical sensibility, the Amelia versions of the songs are layered, intricate, crystal clear pop variations. 

"We Will Host A Party (Amelia)" is a rapid weave of several different genres. There are jazz and classical influences; her vocal is full of whimsy while the production and lyric are both made of grittier stuff. Instead of switching back and forth, Epperson allows each instrument and bit of production to layer over and underneath one another, creating a world not dissimilar to that of her contemporary Maggie Rogers. Epperson is set to take on Europe next month, with a special show at London's Servant Jazz Quarters on April 10th, 2018. 

Connect with Hannah Epperson: Website | Twitter | Facebook 

Electronic · Indie · Pop


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