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Introducing: Mosie and your new favorite song, "[email protected]"

What’s the best way to end the week? With something funky, of course! On their latest single, “[email protected],” Mosie whip up an extra zesty track with more bounce than a mansion made of tangerine Jell-O. Check out the tune below.

Right from the jump, it’s clear Mosie’s here to have fun. “[email protected]” starts off quick, with thumping percussions and a tasty bass line. By the time the vocals come in, things have exploded into a full on groovy, funk track with no signs of slowing down.

[email protected]” finds lead singer Jesse LeVines singing to a love interest about how much he needs her. While the subject matter may seem run-of-the-mill, LeVine’s delivery is anything but standard. Throughout the track, LeVine twists and morphs his voice, hitting high notes, stopping dead and dragging out his words to best fit his needs.  All the while, the other half of Mosie, Aidan Brody, keeps the instrumentals fresh and lively as they bop along.

The two describe their sound as "Bratwurst Bump," which, if nothing else, should give you a pretty solid understanding of what they're all about as a band. And if that doesn't do the trick, look no further than some of LeVine's best lines throughout "[email protected]:" "But try me on for size, I think I suit ya. Just like any typical attire, make you feel pretty then throw me away!" and "Me and you, so close, so slick, don't you give me no ring, give me cuffs on my wrist" to name a few.

 “[email protected]” is the first single off of Mosie’s debut album, Tangerine, which is due to drop March 14th. While it's an admittedly diabolic thing to hook you with such a sweet track only to reveal that the main course won't arrive for another two weeks, our hands are tied. All you (or any of us, really) can do is mash the play button on "[email protected]" over and over and over until the full project finally drops.

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