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Me Like Bees goes beyond where "The River Divides"

Joplin, MO indie rock quartet Me Like Bees team up with Image Comics for their latest record titled  "The River Divides". The gloomy aura of the song is reminiscent of a post-apocalyptic world where anything bad can and will probably happen. The deep guitar riff sounds like a forewarning of some sort. Lead singer Luke says he wrote the words to the song as he imagined  salty, war-ready individuals who are forced to face the uncertainties of the world they live in now but still long for their former lives as a form of balance.  His emotionally charged vocals and vivid lyrics  "...take it or leave it, you're already dead/ but there is no morning, there's no time, we feel no pity in our city that the river divides..." brings the topic close to home.

 The visuals directed by Jeremy Haun places the four man band (Pete Burton, Jake Bennett, Luke Sheafer and Lewis Brossman) walking through an unknown location. The scenes are spliced with shots of different landscapes reaffirming the doom and gloom atmosphere of the song. "The River Divides" off of their upcoming EP, 'Songs from The Realm,' inspired by the Image Comics series The Realm. The post-apocalyptic high fantasy comic series is be distributed by Image Comics (known best for The Walking Dead) and is about a group of people who are constantly coming to grips with a hostile new world, all the while struggling with their checkered pasts that pale in comparison to the horrors they are forced to survive daily."The River Divides" is out now: iTunesApple Music:  Spotify:  Amazon Music:  Google Play

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