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Kil Ripkin gives us 'M.O.R. (Medulla Oblongata Rap)'

Emcee/producer Kil Ripkin just released his latest project which he calls M.O.R. (Medulla Oblongata Rap). A 17-track tour de force that is chock full of lyrical knock outs, insightful moments, and of course head nodding beats. With close to thirty years experience in the music game, Kil was in several crews with Torae and produced his Coney's Island Finest Mixtape.  He has also worked extensively with Supastition, as well as Don Newkirk (3rd Bass, Prince Paul), and has songwriting credits on several films including Crooklyn and Get On The BusA deep thinker and self-scientific rhymer, Kil uses an endless amount of metaphors and similes with the prefix “black” throughout the song - aptly titled "Black Out." Speaking on “Black Out” Kil said, “we call ourselves black people but to me it’s not enough to describe who we are.  It’s a color, and it’s a color that is associated with negative descriptions like black markets, blackmail, etc. Black is beautiful.”

Putting in work with Torae since their teen years in Coney Island, the duo were co-members in projects including Supreme Forces and The Coalescence. Additionally Kil handled most of the production on Torae’s Coney Island’s Finest mixtape, which helped put the ‘Young Veteran’ on the map as a solo artist. Order M.O.R. (Medulla Oblongata Rap) CD/digital album here.

Connect with Kil Ripkin: Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook

Hip-Hop · Rap


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