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Marian Hill kick off 2018 with new original and remix of Hayley Kiyoko's "Curious"

Mark our words: 2018 will be the year for Marian Hill. The duo skyrocketed to a status they had not seen before in 2017 as their feature in an Apple commercial caught America's ears, and now, they're here to shine. Earlier this month, the Philadelphia-based duo released "Subtle Thing," their first original since the release of their album ACT ONE and its subsequent singles in 2016. The track is classic of Marian Hill: hip hop-inspired beats, smooth and sultry vocals.

Next up comes their remix of future pop star Hayley Kiyoko's track "Curious," a similarly less-seen endeavor from the duo. Using sampling to create a new landscape for the track's original outlook, Marian Hill shows their ownership of their unique brand of sound through witty grooves and production choices.

Both Marian Hill and Hayley Kiyoko are heading out on tour, with more on both here and here

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