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Haich's debut EP 'Unbalanced' is an all access pass to a sonic wonderland

A child of the internet age whose skills are mostly self taught from YouTube videos, Haich is making genre-defying worlds with every song he releases. After visibility on Spotify playlists with his song "Error 09" last month saw the release of Unbalanced, an EP roughly two years in the making that takes listeners on a journey through a flurry of inspiration from modern electronic textures to dub. Unbalanced is a total ride of a project, leaving most listeners with a feeling of "oh fuck, it's over?" and a desire to listen again immediately upon its completion.
The overwhelming amount of influence and concentration that went into this EP is apparent to most. Haich says of the project's sonics,
"Sonically I guess I was, and still am, drawn to sounds from "modern" electronic music. I've always listened to a lot of different genres, I was listening to a lot of dub during the times making Unbalanced.  The dub songs actually led me onto a lot of old reggae documentaries and interviews where I sampled quotes which ended up in the final songs.  The samples all felt so relevant, almost like advice from the elders. All the subject matter in the EP is based off situations I was in at the time: Balancing education, friends, creating and just growing."
Haich's answers about the future are just about as mysterious as his music can be. On what might be coming next, he says:
"There's a lot of aspects from different genres I'd love to try. Usually whatever it is I do next will just come out naturally one day whilst creating. But I have been listening to a lot of indie & experimental bands recently... so we'll see."
Unbalanced is available now. Find it here.
Connect with Haich: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
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