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Blacksmith, Carasel & Stamina MC take us through "The Journey" [Video]

Nothing as splendid as this new tune from rapper Blacksmith called "The Journey". The record is a documentary of some sorts for the Bristol based rapper as he muses on the journey of life, the ups and downs and the mysterious turns in between. Over a smooth flowing soulful backdrop(courtesy of Hirolla ), Blacksmith documents his growth and then some but he also brings in two heavyweights from the Drum and Bass scene Carasel and Stamina MC who both share their perspective  on their respective journeys throughout their careers up until today.

Directed by Jesse Roth, the visuals is a brilliant blend of the old and the new as the viewers get to see nostalgic shots of everyone involved. Blacksmith has performed throughout the country & Europe supporting artists including Jurassic 5, Dilated Peoples, Common, Mos Def, Brother Ali, Plan B, and various others. As a Producer has worked with Carasel, Knytro, Marc 7 (Jurassic 5), MC Supernatural, Stamina MC, Kners, Dynamite MC and many more. Get the audio on iTunes  and Spotify  ."The Journey" is the first release of the AFT Raps subsidiary of AFT Records and the first single from Blacksmith's forthcoming album later this year.

Connect with Blacksmith  :  Facebook  | Instagram

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