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dae zhen. is the epitome of "Smooth" on new single

Certain words, and certain artists, speak for themselves. Los Angeles based rapper-singer-producer dae zhen. embodies that potent energy on his sunny new single, "Smooth." dae zhen. debuted in 2014 with his album, Women & Wordplay, and the ladies' man persona is not lost on this cut. Warm and wavy guitar lines outfit zhen.'s slick vocal delivery.


No question, in this moment, dae zhen. is the most fly artist coming out of sunny CA. There's an exciting and jubilant quality to the track, akin to the pure joy of a James Brown song. dae zhen. packs so much range into such a particular, soulful sound. Bouncing synths cede control of the melody to his rich singing, and his writing is ever-witty and charming.

"Smooth" is the second single off of dae zhen.'s forthcoming album.

Connect with dae zhen. Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

Hip-Hop · R&B · Soul


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