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Pelicandy releases energetic video for new single "Animals"

Freshly emerging on the scene last year, Pelicandy releases their first video for 2018 for their sophomore single "Animals". The four-member collective, hailing from London, includes guitarist/vocalist TC, bassist Junior, keyboardist Stefan, and drummer Nick.  "Animals" stays true to the 80’s influenced, synth pop that we heard from their debut "In Echoes" single last year. A powerful upbeat yet dark and edgy pop anthem that’s filled with synth drums, guitar solos, and catchy lyrics, it’s the perfect gear up for going out track.

The video has a vibrant sultry vibe and the energy it in matches the "Animals" to a tee. The video is directed by Renee Rodenkirchen, who has previously worked with high fashion brands like Chanel and Gucci. Shot in the lively streets of China Town in Toronto, the focus of the video is on the incredible carefree dancing of Roney Lewis, an upcoming dancer from Toronto. Feeding off the energy of the late-night city vibes, Roney confidently dances his way through the city capturing the energetic and mysterious energy of roaming the city streets late at night. Rodenkirchen explains how the concept of the video came to be,

The video for ‘Animals’ happened really organically through friends. We went into conceptualizing for the video knowing we wanted a dancer to be the main focus. The Pelicandy guys knew a girl from Toronto and she suggested Roney who happens to live in the city; immediately we knew he was perfect. He kind of has this effortless cool factor to him - like he doesn't really give a shit, but at the same time is super talented and polished as a dancer. Also... his lips!”

This video captures exactly what I would imagine myself doing if I was walking through the city late listening to "Animals" in my headphones. A simple yet captivating video that lets the single "Animals" speak for itself in all it’s energetic yet sultry glory.  

Watch the video for "Animals" here or listen to it on Spotify.

Connect with Pelicandy: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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