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Kyle Rapps dwells on the "Dark Hour" through his unorthodox view point

The uber eccentric emcee Kyle Rapps ended last year with the off his  kilter project 'Perverse Ramblings' but he is not slowing down for gas as he delivers yet another cut for 2018.  "Dark Hour" is Kyle's unique look at issues plaguing the nation and also a borderline-hysterical second verse. The self produced track employs Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1967 speech at the National Conference for New Politics where parts of the speech serve as the hook of the song. On the other hand, Kyle also paints vivid pictures with lines like "...I always make homies with the OGs/ plus the deli guys know me so they hold keys/ on the humble lowkey C-town for the grocery/ maybe later cop a OZ 'nough to OD...". Among other points, he makes it clear that the U.S. is distinctly divided in two; a statement that still rings true more than 50 years later. Rapps is obviously aware of this, choosing not just to include the speech sample in the chorus, but to also drive home MLK’s points in his own words. 

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