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"If I Only" got as chill as Repato

Repato is the electronic pop project of LA-based writer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Locke. His new track “If I Only” has the perfect combination of lush, simplistic analog synth melodies and technical rhythms to showcase what is the most soothing voice. It reminds me a little of Muse’s Matt Bellamy in that the two have a similar tone, but Repato has more of a James Blake feel.

Perhaps aiding in the James Blake effect, Repato’s “If I Only” was mixed by Nathan Boddy who worked on Blake’s The Colour In Anything. Repato also got the help of Bo Kondren who has worked mastering artists like Caribou and Moderat. The dreamy, introspective vibes are flawless on this track. Repato’s voice seems to drift along like a fog through the music. The result is quite beautiful. 

Connect with Repato: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify

Chillout · Electronic · Indie · Synth Pop


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