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Virgil Abloh releases first original track "Orvnge," a collaboration with Boys Noize

Virgil Abloh is a designer, a DJ under the moniker Flat White, and the creator of the streetwear fashion brand Off-White. As of today, Abloh is venturing into a new discipline: music production. His first official release came out on Boysnoize Records. He is no stranger to collaborating with Boys Noize, aka Alex Ridha; last year Off-White created an interactive clothing collection released with Boys Noize's 2nd studio album, MAYDAY. The collection was revealed at Paris fashion week right in the midst of Boys Noize's world tour of the album. They both commented on the creative process behind the track, titled "Orvnge"—
"Birthed out of mutual admiration of our points of views in music and art alike, we made a track to score the moment. It’s also the spark of future collaborative ideas." - Virgil Abloh
"It's this special moment, you let yourself drift, discover new rhythms and sounds and feel a pure connection. That's when music is created at its best. This first track of ours sums up that awesome vibe we've shared in my studio in Berlin. It's a club banger sui generis. And it's the beginning." - Boys Noize
"Orvnge" is a techno track made for a dark and dense club environment, infused with tribal undertones that clash in all of the right ways. They allude to further collaborations in the works within the quotes above, and it's evident that the relationship between the two artists is creatively symbiotic. Boys Noize brings his extensive history in music production, and Abloh brings his fashion design expertise. The combination of the two strengths allows them to explore within new artistic disciplines.

Connect with Virgil Abloh: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Boys Noize: TwitterFacebookInstagramSoundcloud

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