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Leilani Wolfgramm goes into the dark regions on her single "The Trail"

Leilani Wolfgramm is not only a solid singer but her songwriting skills should be highlighted as well. Her latest single "The Trail" (produced by Cameron "Cambo" Bartolini) proves just how eclectic she can be when her pen hits paper. The single in question is a blend of reggae/dancehall and R&B. Easily Leilani could have gone the safe route and kept things light but that wouldn't be fun for her. She kicks off the song with a bold statement "I was born on The Trail / Two doors down from the devil himself / At age 7 an angel left heaven ..." and trust me when I say she goes way in after that.  Her emotionally powerful vocals carry the weight on this track as she effortlessly slays with her unique style of island-tinged soul.

From the outside looking in, the song may seem to be pure entertainment, but it goes way deeper than that for Leilani. The artist gives us a closer look into the history of the song:

"'The Trail' is a nickname for the street O.B.T. (Orange Blossom Trail) where I'm from in Orlando. It's a street famous for drugs, prostitution, strip clubs, crack motels, the projects, and trailer parks. 'The Trail' is the setting of my childhood and the prologue to the rest of the album."

 "The Trail" appears on Leilani's upcoming album 'Live Wire,' which was produced by herself, Fredro Odesjo (multi-platinum producer for Tohoshinki/TVXQ), and Joshua Sadlier-Brown (John Legend, Gogol Bordello, Kelly Buchanan) and it's slated for a 02/23 release date. 'Live Wire,' as she puts it, is a memoir. It deals with child abuse, drug abuse, and psychological abuse. A religious subtext pushes the narrative's highs and lows where the protagonist is found to be the antagonist as well. The concept of Live Wire comes from the loss of her dad. Catch her live on tour supporting The Green this winter.
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