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Adriano Ávila taps into classic Iron & Wine sound with new Brazilian single "Incompatívela"

Hailing from Rio de Janiero, Brazil Adriano Ávila's latest single "Incompatível" transports me back to that early 2004 Iron & Wine Our Endless Numbered Days album. His melancholic sound has that kind of modest minimalism to it that plucks away at your heartstrings. Through faint but intimate vocals, each note in Adriano's music is carried out like a whispering secret across a moonlit background of gentle guitar strumming and subtle analog violin sounds. The underlying emotions of the track are tentatively subdued but devastatingly precise in evoking emotion. Check out"Incompatível" below: 

Adriano came up through the underground music scene of Porto Alegre and then spent some time as a busker on the subway trains in Rio de Janiero. To be honest, I had NO IDEA what he was singing about the first time I heard this. Thankfully, I have some kick-ass Brazilian friends who helped me translate the Portuguese lyrics. In this track, Adriano describes the journey of traveling to a party from which he can't escape his own introspective thoughts about a mismatched lover that he's lost, so then eventually leaves. We've all been there and even if I didn't understand the lyrics, this song remains transcendingly beautiful. 

Connect with Adriano Ávila: Official Site | Soundcloud | Spotify

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