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Orkid greets Earthlings with his debut EP 'This Is Not Club Music'

Currently sitting atop Circus Records' Soundcloud is new music from the mysterious Orkid. Hailing from "a planet called Lava," he boldly announces his presence on the terrestrial electronic music scene with This is Not Club Music.  In a landscape filled with bangers and drop-heavy tracks, he arrives on Earth with a sound that reflects his desire to "discover all the beauties this planet has to [offer], and to deliver a message of peace for all humans here."

The six-track collection opens with "Some Kind of Plains," which entertains with humming synths and vocal samples arranged into melodies that would make ODESZA proud. On "Lava Planet" and "Fresque" the aural bliss continues with more synth mastery and crisp production. The title track, "This Is Not Club Music," follows and is the standout on the EP. It starts off with a loungey guitar that builds to a layered urgency from which fluttering progressions take flight. Next up is a remix of Circus Records boss man Flux Pavilion's "Cut Me Out."  He repaints the bouncy original with snares and a touch of breakbeats to stellar effect.  The EP's curtain call, "Stop Your Lying," has the strongest connection to the sound one might expect on a Circus Records release and doesn't disappoint. 

Presently rumored to be hanging out in France, Orkid hasn't divulged how long he plans to stay on Earth and continue sharing his music, but let's hope he stays awhile!

Connect with Orkid: Facebook | SoundCloud | Instagram



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