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Jamar Carr describes political climate as "Nothing New" [Video]

Jamar Carr is an upcoming artist from Queens, New York, who is adding his voice to the overwhelming resurgence of New York hip-hop. Carr recently released his debut album Politically Incorrect: Wealth In The Ghetto, which is as poignant as it is technically succinct.  To keep the spirit of the record alive, he delivers a documentary-style visual for "Nothing New," the first single off the project. "Nothing New" aptly captures the central themes of the record as well as all the power behind Carr's writing. 

Over an equally somber and menacing jazz beat, Carr unleashes a blunt, political manifesto in the form of airtight verses. Structured as a walk through Carr's come up as a young artist constantly hounded by his peers as well as institutional barriers in America, the track is a sobering look at the perpetual state of the country. The deadpan writing of "Nothing New" challenges the typical notion of 'Art in the Trump Era.' Instead, Carr brings to our attention that oppression and inequality doesn't start and end with this presidency. As a rapper, Carr shines naturally; his voice was made for rapping. As a writer and as an intellectual, Carr is the voice listeners need to adopt a more nuanced perspective on social issues.

Politically Incorrect: Wealth In The Ghetto is available for you to check out here.

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[…] Jamar Carr returns to form on his latest record titled "Frenemies". The title is pretty obvious so we don't need to go in-depth or break it down. The Queens, NY raised act teams up with fellow emcee Baz 730 on the joint. Employing the use of a reflective, somewhat upbeat backdrop, the emcees speak frankly on turncoat friends and snitches alike. The topic may be overused but the execution here is incisive and passionate. As per usual Jamar helms the track as he kicks off with a not so subtle outlook  "...I was always hated on, some direct, some was not/I've been caught sleeping but you never see me call the cops/Ironic how the closest ones always seem to turn to ops/ Nigga you a Frenemy, you never was a friend of me..." while Baz 730 brings his own personal insight to the topic. […]