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Zaia wants you to tell a friend about "Insensitive"

If someone were to say, “You’re an asshole," you might be pretty offended. Many people would take this as an insult, but for 20-year-old Atlanta native, Zaia, this was the inspiration for his latest single release “Insensitive". Taking his listeners through the explanations and reasonings behind his questionable actions, while also taking time to self reflect. Zaia shares" Lately I’ve been feeling under water, I’d rather lie to you than hurt myself. Don’t know why I’m feeling under water". I guess if I told him, he's under the water because he's lying he'd be ok with that. While this is a personal story, you might find Zaia’s vocals enticing. They stand out over the retro contemporary beat, as they blend past and the present into a fresh sound, different than anything else coming out of Atlanta. “Insensitive” is a vibe. Give it a first listen above. 

Connect with Zaia: Soundcloud 

Alternative R&B


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