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Cobi serenades "Silent Night"

"I wanted to do a Christmas song for the lonely hearts. It's cool to me that by changing the melody of a song, you can change the meaning of the lyrics. This track is for the people who don’t get to spend the holidays with their loved ones or maybe don’t have loved ones at all." These are Cobi's thoughts on the holiday classic "Silent Night." In his latest release, Cobi croons the holiday staple in his unique style. The somber Christmas song fits Cobi's voice like a glove. His rendition of "Silent Night" is the perfect theme song for melancholy music lovers during the holiday season.

Cobi's version of "Silent Night" can be found on the Amazon Original Playlist Acoustic Christmas.  The playlist also includes music from The White Buffalo, Josh Ritter, The Walcotts and many more. This playlist of songs is great for trimming the tree or simply reflecting on the closing year.

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